Sew Your Own Facemask

I've sewn so many face masks now for friends and family and as they set to become mandatory more in England I thought I'd show you how I've been making them so you can make your own!

You'll need to cut one pair from your main fabric and one are from the lining fabric.

Place the right side together of the main fabric and sew along the front curve clip into the fabric (careful not to cut into the stitches.) Repeat for the lining fabric.

Press the seams flat and place the right sides together of the lining and the main fabric. Pin in place and sew across the top and bottom of the face mask.

To avoid bulk at the top and bottom of the fabric clip a v into the seam (careful of the row of stitching you've just sewn.)

Turn the face mask through to the right side, if you wanted to add a filter now would be the time to add it in. Fold the edges in pin place.

Now cut you elastic to the required length. for adult face masks I cut them to 6/7 inches.

Tuck the elastic in to each end, makes sure there's plenty in the seam allowance. Top stitch down each side. I backstitched over the elastic to secure it.

And hey you have your own, pretty, face mask!

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Have fun and don't forget to send us your pictures! We can't wait to see them.

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